RAW-Link® Integration Manager (Enterprise Version)

The RAW-Link® Integration Manager is a Multi Gateway, which connects a variety of subordinated machines and equipment from different vendors, with different intelligence, communication methods and protocols to a superior System. This refines these basic data to an useful and transparent management control instrument. RAW-Link® is using RAW-Link® Integration Manager with its OPC-UA structure and its plugin concept, which is converting the native equipment raw data to the Industry 4.0 compliant communication standard OPC-UA.

RAW-Link® Integration Manager

To adapt nearly every heterogeneous equipment landscape and bring it to a harmonized data level, RAW Smart Solutions did compose and maintain the software package Raw-Link® Integration Manager. This includes a multi integration and harmonization layer, a configuration and a management layer as well as an Industry 4.0 compliant connectivity layer to superior systems.

The Plugin Concept

A library of software plugins allow to map the data from native drivers, files and/or digital/analog sources to the Industry 4.0 standard OPC-UA. The communication is bi-directional.

The Organization

RAW-Link® Integration Manager is organized internal as a “Node-Tree”, meaning all data  are represented by a “node”. These nodes are all connected via OPC-UA and can be harmonized (pre-prepared) according units (e.g. normalizing sensors) or customer standards (e.g. equipment tags). An external “SQL-database-plugin” allows to connect RAW-Link® Integration Manager to nearly every existing external SQL-data base.


The Application

The REST/JSON and the OPC-UA Interface as well as the external access to the Data opens the possibility to create own web based applications. A plugin allows to read/write data from/to any external SQL data base.