RAW-Link® Integration Manager (IIOT Version)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is a local and/or global network of discrete physical and logical devices with integrated intelligence, control ability, sensors and connectivity which enables these “things” to connect and exchange data over the internet. RAW-Link is using this principal in combining the RAW-Link® Integration Manager, an Industry 4.0 compliant Integration Framework with the Hardware Devices Neuron or Axon from UniPi as Application Host. This combination, which can be configured by users according their individual requests, is called RAW-Link® IIOT.

The Universal IIOT Box

The central engine of the product line UniPi Neuron is a Linux based single board computer and acts as an application host. It can appear – through third party (OEM) soft and hardware developments – as intelligent data gateway (e.g. IOT), as human-machine-interface (HMI), as programmable logic controller (plc) or as any other tailored application (open source or commercial). Together with its multiple physical interfaces from digital I/O to wireless connection and the possibility to implement old and new communication methods and protocols, this highly flexible product can be used for many cases in fabrication-, process- and building automation as well as in process data acquisition and smart home projects.

RAW-Link® Integration Manager

RAW-Link® Integration Manager for IIOT is a very flexible and powerful application tool. With its internal SQL Database and OPC-UA communication is it possible, to adapt nearly every heterogeneous equipment landscape and bring it to a harmonized data level. Software plugins allow to map the data from native drivers, files and/or digital/analog sources to the Industry 4.0 standard OPC-UA. The communication is bi-directional.

The RAW-Link Concept

RAW-Link® Concept is combining the RAW-Link® Integration Manager, an Industry 4.0 compliant Integration Framework with the universal Hardware Devices UniPi Neuron/Axon as “Application-Host”  to the RAW-Link® IIOT solution. This combination, can be configured by users according to their individual requests.

Cloud Computing

RAW-Link® is able to connect many different equipment via classical IT-architecture (can be hardware or virtualized) or to a private, company owned or commercial CLOUD. Each single RAW-Link® combination can be equipped with keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor and with many other possibilities of USB connections, RAW-Link® IIOT can also be configured as a low cost HMI.